Corporate Team: Scott Fisher, John Polatz, Kena Minnick, Brett McMillan, Susan Bauman

Corporate Team

John J. Polatz, Chief Executive Officer

John has been on the Board of Salon PS since the company’s formation and assumed the role of CEO in February 2010, bringing over 10 years of corporate finance and administrative expertise with him. His experiences as the CFO of publicly traded multinational companies provide Salon PS with sound fiscal discipline and organizational leadership.

Scott A. Fisher, Co-Founder

Scott developed the strategy, vision, and culture for Salon PS, drawing extensively on his 35+ years of international salon and spa experiences, and his tenure as CEO of Paramount Home Beauty. As COO, Scott’s creative direction and operational leadership empowers Salon PS to elevate the spirit of its clients through the gateway of their self-image.

Shelley Kondas, Vice President of Operations

Shelley joined Salon PS in 2011 and brings with her more than 20 years of sales and operations expertise. Her extensive experience building operational structure and leading change provides Salon PS with strong operational leadership to effectively continue the company’s growth and expansion.

Brandon Crafts, Vice President of Technology

Brandon joined Salon PS in 2011 to expand our technology platform, enhance the connections between Residents, Families and Resident Care Communities, and increase the products and services offered by Salon PS online. Prior to joining Salon PS, Brandon has been the Senior Software Engineer and Product Manager for web-based businesses with over 1 million users.